Cal + Ashlei

Lemme tell you just a little something about love: it’s infectious. When you see true love, you can’t help but stop and smile and just feel engulfed in the emotions. That’s how I felt during Cal + Ashlei’s session. I mean, their love and sweetness for each-other was just intoxicating. I could see how much respect Cal had for Ashlei. I asked him to eskimo kiss her, and he paused because he didn’t want to ruin her makeup. I asked him to pick her up and twirl her and he hesitated because he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable in her dress. He made her laugh by mimicking an evil genius’ laugh. He kissed her head softly and beamed whenever he looked at her.

And that my friends, is why I love to photograph LOVE. Seriously, I know it sounds incredibly cheesy and whatever but GOSH! Watching people wrapped up in each other’s arms, saying goofy inside jokes and smiling ear to ear is just the most amazing thing to creep on. (Yeah, I called my job creeping.) Thanks for inviting me to third wheel on your guys’ love story for the night.


Paige Brittany

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