Bailey + Zac’s Windy Engagement Session at The Maples in Woodland

I traveled to Woodland last Sunday to photograph Bailey & Zac’s engagement session. This was actually my first time meeting them after booking their wedding, and right away I knew we were going to get along fine. The first thing out of Zac’s mouth was: “Soooo… This is the first time Bailey has ever had her makeup professionally done.. And she’s a little worried about the wind and having her fake lashes blown off..” Ok. First off, adorable. Second off, girl, I gotchu. THIS IS WHAT PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE FOR (insert clapping hands emoji.)

There really was an absurd amount of wind that day, and we took frequent breaks to peel rogue eyelashes off Bailey’s cheeks, but damn was it worth it. Bailey + Zac looked and interacted with eachother with so much damn love and oooh boy was there chemistry. I mean, they literally told me that the first time they had photos done (oh btw these were combined family photos) they got a little too steamy and everyone had to wait for them to stop mackin’ out. Those are my kind of people.

Anyways, I can’t wait to photograph their HUGE, intimate and unique brunch wedding in April. Cheers to you both! 


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