Amber + Wayne’s Dreamy Waterfront Engagement Session

I was lucky enough to meet Amber + Wayne at a bridal open house event. I instantly LOVED Amber. She was the sweetest thing and just seemed so sincere and authentic. Wayne had to be one of the only men there (bravo to you, for showing up, Wayne!) and you could tell he was not in his element. He kinda stood behind, let Amber do her thing and didn’t say too much.

Flash forward to this past weekend and Wayne just totally opened up. He was seriously so funny and had Amber dying laughing the entire session. That’s the kind of stuff I LOVE to watch. I love watching two people so hopelessly in love that literally a certain look or noise can make the other’s stomach hurt so bad from laughing. Those are my kinds of people.

Wayne’s first choice of location was this beautiful (but also super hard to get to, ((and I warned them but they didn’t believe me)) location in the middle of the water. It requires a bit of a hike, and trudging through water and climbing over rocks to get to, but god, when you do, is it worth it or what?

Thanks for adventuring and celebrating your love story with me, Amber + Wayne! Congrats again on your engagement.


Paige Brittany

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